Granite EPIK: Applications.

Granite EPIK provides a simple solution for some of the most demanding POTS applications across many industries including retail, healthcare, financial services, commercial real estate and government.

If you have POTS with…

  • Remote branches or locations with just a few analog lines and no internet access*
  • Existing fire, burglar or safety alarms*
  • Blue light boxes in parking lots, garages, public parks, college campuses
  • Elevator phones
  • Door or gate access phones
  • Long-form or high-volume faxing
  • Faxes with regulatory and/or privacy requirements (including HIPAA)
  • Legacy modems or offering fallback access when internet is unavailable
  • Meters monitoring critical equipment or safety applications (such as temperature, air quality)

Then, choose Granite EPIK for POTS replacement.

If you have other POTS applications, like a need for full-function voice features or video applications, click below to learn about Granite’s other POTS replacement solutions.
Other Granite POTS alternatives

* Some jurisdictions may require wireline connections for certain applications (Fire/Life Safety), and wireline connections may be necessary to furnish service at some locations.