Granite EPIK: The benefits.

Specialty applications that demand full POTS compatibility need a true MFVN (Managed Facilities-based Voice Network) solution. Choose Granite EPIK if you need a reliable POTS replacement for:

  • Fire and security alarms (NFPA 72 compliant)
  • Blue light boxes
  • Elevator voice circuits
  • High-volume or long-form fax applications (HIPAA compliant)
  • Meters, SCADA and many analog modems
  • Up to 8 analog lines; if more lines are required, devices can be combined with a second EPIK, an ATA or other replacement solution

Competitive advantages.

Granite EPIK is:

  • SECURE: End-to-edge encryption on all calls and faxes
  • RELIABLE: 24-hour battery backup, dual SIMs and intelligent failover to PRI; monitored hourly 24/7 with automatic notification for critical alarm and voice circuits*
  • SIMPLE: Minimal inside wiring is required, with the option of Granite’s turnkey managed deployment and installation nationwide
  • FLEXIBLE: can support value-added features, including auto-attendant and IVR functionality
  • ECONOMICAL: Consistent pricing across the US with savings of up to 30%, a stable monthly cost for the life of the contract and no up-front capital expenditure

* Some jurisdictions may require wireline connections for certain applications (Fire/Life Safety), and wireline connections may be necessary to furnish service at some locations.