The problem with POTS.

POTS has been the backbone of communications for decades. But today, prices are rising. Maintenance response is slowing. And new lines are unavailable in some places.

Smart telecom managers know it’s time to have a plan for POTS transition. When applications require more than just voice, and demand full TDM compatibility, 24/7 remote out-of-band monitoring and enterprise-scale deployment support, Granite EPIK is the best choice.

Why choose Granite EPIK.

When it comes to POTS replacements, the decision goes well beyond just cost savings. More than a simple POTS replacement, Granite EPIK is qualified as an MFVN (Managed Facilities-based Voice Network) device and provides a POTS alternative that is fully compatible with fire, safety and virtually all other analog devices. What’s more, Granite EPIK provides 4G LTE connectivity and cellular backup if primary internet access is unavailable.

Granite EPIK benefits
Granite EPIK receives stamp of approval from FDNY
Granite EPIK receives FDNY approval Read press release

A patented POTS replacement delivering full analog compatibility.

Based on a Class 5 Softswitch, the Granite EPIK Edge device fully emulates a Central Office, delivering service quality and reliability – and allows a code-compliant network handoff for existing fire or security panels, supporting elevator, blue light and metering applications. Our solution also provides advanced security with end-to-edge encryption on all calls and faxes and is compliant with both HIPAA and PCI requirements.

How Granite EPIK works

Choosing the right POTS replacement option.

Selecting the best POTS alternative depends on matching the technology to the application and business priorities. If integrated voice and video is more important than fire, safety and true analog applications, see our complete selection of other POTS replacement options. We can help you craft the right POTS transition strategy to deliver flexibility, functionality and savings.

Other Granite POTS alternatives